Small Improvements to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

When you think about bathrooms, you know for sure that it should mirror comfort. No matter how small your bathroom is, there are a lot of home improvement ideas that will help you make it look a lot bigger. Since it’s a home improvement, bathroom expansions are out of the question. Instead, you will be focusing on lighting, color, flooring, and other elements of the bathroom.


First up are the cabinets. One way to make your bathroom look bigger is to install floating cabinets. Floating cabinets allow you to use your mirror and sink more comfortably by not blocking your feet. In this way, you don’t have to bend over your sink just to have a closer look. Moreover, floating cabinets make the bathroom look more spacious. They can be installed below your sink or on top of the toilet. Having a few cabinets can also serve as storage for your towels and toiletries so they don’t look scattered on top of your sink area.


To further maximize your cabinets, you can add more smart storage areas. One example would be a cabinet behind your bathroom mirror to hide your facial wash, face sprays, etc. You can also have heated bars to hang the towels that are in use.

Second is the flooring and walls. To add sophistication to your bathroom, use neutral colors on walls and floors. This will make your bathroom look cozy and at the same time, very classy. It’s recommended not to use the same tiles on both walls and floors because it would be a bit exaggerated. Instead, use marble tiles for the floor and mosaic tiles for the walls. They can be of the same color but with different shades, or one can be a light color and the other a totally different dark color. Take note that the contrast in colors only works well if you use neutral hues. It would be a disaster if you choose a pastel color to contrast a loud color.


Another part of the bathroom you can improve on is the shower area using any local Houston concrete contractors. Shower curtains are so old school and if you want to think long-term especially when reselling is part of your future plans, then install a glass shower door instead. One of the benefits you’ll get is that it divides the shower area from the toilet area without making it look crowded. A glass shower area will make your bathroom look bigger also because it is not as thick as a wall. To further maximize the shower area, you can remove all the soap dishes and replace them with a makeshift ledge in one corner of the shower area.


Last but not the least is lighting and air. To make the bathroom look more spacious and feel more refreshing and more pleasing to the eyes, install windows that let natural light go in. This will brighten up the room and it can also be a way to lower your electricity bills. If you have a bathtub and need to reduce the humidity, look for an AC service Houston or a commercial ac service provider to condition your air, it would be nice to put the window beside it. The relaxing effect it has whether it’s soaking in the sun or staring at the stars work wonders.