Solar Trends

Solar Construction Trends Making Waves in the Industry

The future of the solar industry looks bleak. There’s lots of uncertainty about what’s going to transpire next. You’re constantly wondering: Will a new innovation change everything and drive me out of business? Are more people willing to go “green”? What are the prospects for solar construction and installation? We’re not prophets, but we know a couple of trends that are emerging, with the help of Class A Energy Solutions – Darwin.

Fast Installation and Better Efficiency

The trend is heading toward more streamlined and modular solutions. Your customers expect you to install their solar panels quickly and easily and at a lower price. Thanks to solar innovations you can meet that demand.

Becoming more common are high-performance systems with fewer components. Future solar panels will be more cost-effective and energy-efficient, as they shrink in size but generate and preserve more power. With new solutions, like virtual net-mastering, you can install solar panels off-site and let users tap into the power source. This technology eliminates the need for installing solar panels on rooftops.

Lower Prices

As solar becomes less costly, easier to install and more efficient, the price of solar panels is set to plunge. The solar industry is getting better at manufacturing solar panels, producing them more cheaply, making them more powerful and simplifying their installation. This results in a price drop.

However, these improvements make the industry more competitive and crowded. Customers begin choosing suppliers and installers based on price. As a result, solar companies slash their prices to gain a competitive edge. Heading in this direction will lead to shrinking profit margins.

Industry Consolidation

A drop in prices could push the solar industry toward consolidation. That’s not the best business environment for manufacturing companies and solar suppliers. Besides a dip in solar prices, higher inventories and a decline in installations could force companies into mergers.

But there’s good news for independent solar businesses. These little guys will start gaining market share as the “mightier” solar providers struggle to meet targets. So, if you run an independent solar franchise, market conditions are favourable to you. Take advantage of this while it lasts.

Regulation Uncertainty

A change in federal administrations creates uncertainty in the solar industry. The new administration may reverse or change the energy regulations in place. Things get ugly when the government begins to target the tax credits that have fuelled the growth of solar.

Withdrawing from climate change policies and disbanding energy programs that fund solar energy could bring the solar industry to its knees. If you depend on foreign investments in solar or your business relies on green energy incentives, changes in climate policy could impact your bottom line.

Surge in Growth

Despite some of the negative solar trends, it’s not all doom-and-gloom. Solar remains a robust and developing industry – and a boom is on the way. Over the next few years, the market will swell, customers will increase and profits will escalate. So don’t worry – you’re in a lucrative industry. A great worldwide reliance on clean and green energy means hope is still alive.