Is sunset window tinting a surefire way to reduce sunrays damage? Experts weigh in

Sunset Window Tinting will it keep your furniture safe?

Why would you let sunrays discolor your expensive artworks, exotic furniture and heavenly decorated floors when all you need is simple inexpensive Sunset Window Tinting?

Well, if you are like most Canadians, the reason is always that you cannot have enough of the sun. But you already know that sunlight is doing extensive damage on your floors, artwork and furniture. Many homeowners are grappling with that paradox.

The downsides of sunrays

Sunlight flooding into your home does three things: discoloration, damage and fading. In fact, it is not only sunlight but any kind of visible light entering your house will do these.

Visible light will account for 25% of the destruction, UVB and UVA will do the bigger share of damage at 45% while infrared radiation or heat will claim 25% of the total damage.

While you would want to put a stop to this obvious damage, there are two tricky scenarios you have to deal with:

  • First, we all want natural light into our rooms. In fact, this is the sole reasons why we have windows in our homes. Therefore, this need will always prevail and you can be sure of slow damage of your valuables.
  • Secondly, UV light is a tricky problem to deal with. Whether there is shining sun or it is a gloomy cloudy day, this light will always be at work.

What are the best ways to deal with sunrays/visible light?

This is a question many Canadians will ask when their furniture and other assets start fading. Window treatments are supposed to be the most effective way to deal with this problem. Unfortunately, this is not always the truth.

These treatments have to cover the entire window to be effective. As you might know, this is a very costly investment. Picture how much you would need to have all your windows cutely covered in curtains and blinds. Every homeowner would want that but it is not always affordable, is it?

Alternatively, you can turn to the option of Low-E and energy efficient windows. For sure, they should protect your stuff from fading and discoloration. If I were you, I would not be that hopeful. The new insulated windows everyone is talking about are designed to keep away light but let in all the heat.

But again you would say, “the sticker on the insulated windows say they keep away 85% of UV light”. Well, that is closer to the full package and good but apparently not enough. You probably that a 4.5 earthquake will be worse than a 4.0 one; it is all about arithmetic progression. That 15% of UV light will do considerable damage.

So what should you do? There is only one answer we can give: window tinting and filming. You are probably visualizing that perpetually dark car window. That is not the image you should be preoccupied with.

Modern window tints and films are lauded as the best way to protect your home furniture and other valuables. In fact, with our products and installation expertise, you should expect 99.9% cover against harmful sun rays- both visible and non-visible.

So, what will it be? Definitely, window tinting and filming is the obvious choice you should be making. And we will happily help you with in every step of your journey.